Starting the Mural Again


Jacquelyn Cesiro, Arts Writer

If you attend Lafayette High School, or have been within the school at any point in time, you have surely seen the Lafayette mural in the science/world language hall on the second floor. Despite being part of the school for a couple years now, the school may be planning to take it down and start a brand new one.

Two years ago, the mural was made and put up as a part of the “Unlearn Fear and Hate” movement. It was meant to honor the movement and be a part of the school for many years to come. So, why does the school want to take it down and start again?

According to Ms. Stofer, the pottery teacher at Lafayette, “We want it to be a living art wall and always be in transition”. Some staff members also agree that the mural could be done better than it was. However, “things are still in discussion,” Ms. Stofer states.

As for who will create the next mural, decisions are still being discussed as said before. If the mural will be the same as it was or represent something completely different is currently unsure and will be talked about on a later date.