Stranger Danger! The Risks of Walking Alone

Taylor Hanley, Staff Writer

In recent news, there has been a report that a woman has tried to pick up two students that go to Jessie Clark Middle School. A parent has reported that a woman attempted to pick up to students around the Tisdale Drive Area. The woman was reportedly seen in a silver compact car. The women saw the two students, stopped her car, and told the students to get in and that she would take them to school. The two refused and continued to walk away, but the woman did not take no for an answer and she demanded them, once again,  to get in the car so she could take them to school. Once the parent has arrived the person drove away like nothing was going on.

Due to this incident, police have added more patrols around the areas close to the encounter. A grandmother, Kathy Travis, was picking up her child had a few words to say about the incident, “…you just have to let them walk in the rain or whatever because it’s just not safe nowadays.”

In addition, school leaders have spoken on the incident and they are reminding students that no matter what circumstance, they should never approach the car of a stranger. Also, teachers and school leaders tell students that if they are in this type of situation at anytime, that they need to contact an adult immediately.  Jessie Clark is working very hard to make sure that the Students and parents feel safer after this incident.