Orchestra Cincinnati Trip


Sarah McPherson

All the students who went to the concert.

Sarah McPherson, Staff Writer

The Lafayette Orchestra went to Cincinnati, Ohio for a field trip on September 28th. They took a tour of The Cincinnati Music Hall and listened to famous violinist, Joshua Bell, who performed Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and Fireworks. He also performed the Sibelius Violin Concerto.

Regarding Joshua Bell, Mr. Kent, one of Lafayette’s director, said, “[he’s] one of the most dynamic violin players of our time. He is considered to be a legend and it is very rare to have such an artist performing in this area. Artists of this caliber do not perform in the area often, so taking advantage of this concert is a very special opportunity.”

Whenever Orchestra students can go to a live show, they are excited. Zaida Bell-Frantz, a Lafayette Concert Orchestra student who attended the concert told us, “The concert was breathtaking, it was truly a spectacular performance.” Nikki Cesiro, a Symphonic Orchestra student, who also attended the performance said, “It’s a fun trip that allows us to spend time with our Orchestra family, while also getting to experience and hear a professional orchestra perform”.

Mrs. Holbrook, one of Lafayette’s instructors, said of the experience, “Hearing an exemplary performance changes the way musicians think about music. As an audience member, musicians absorb the sounds they hear and the technique they see. Listening is a unique form of learning. We are excited to have students attend this performance of the Cincinnati Symphony with Joshua Bell not only for the pleasure of hearing these beautiful works, but for how it will broaden the palette of musical performance at Lafayette”.

Students who experienced this performance will be begging to go and see more.