New Library Hours


Maya Farrell, Staff Writer

Lots of students go to the library before school starts to check out books, finish homework, or to meet up with friends. If you’re one of those people, you’ve likely noticed that the library opens much later than it did last year. Last year, the library was open by 7:45 almost every morning. However, this year the library doesn’t open until around 8:00.
Many of us get to school early in the morning and need a place to go, and there are limited options. Students could go to their first block class, but they could possibly get there before their teacher. Waiting outside an empty classroom can be awkward and blocks the already-crowded hallways. They could also go to the cafeteria, but it gets loud with lots of students in it. With the new library times, students are left sitting on the cold, unsanitary floor outside the library, waiting for it to open.
Meanwhile, they’re also clogging up a main hallway, and in an overpopulated school this can make it not only difficult to get around, but also a safety hazard. One would think the blame should be placed on the students who crowd the hallways; however, we also need to take into consideration the limited options of where to go in the morning. If the library continues to open at these hours, we at least need to figure out more alternatives for where to go in the morning.