Are we Given Enough Time During Class Change?


Empty hall at Lafayette

Maya Farrell, Staff Writer

We are given five minutes to travel from class to class, which should be plenty of time according to staff, but there are plenty of factors that probably weren’t taken into consideration when the five minute passing time was set.

The hallways are crowded. Our school is pretty small for a population of well over two thousand, so as you’d imagine, the halls get pretty cluttered with students during class change. It doesn’t help that some students move slowly or stand in the middle of the hallway due to the fact that their class isn’t that far or because they want to talk to their friends which makes the density in the hallways even worse. Also, our building layout is often difficult to navigate because with each renovation a new set of numbers were added that often don’t make sense.

Some people have to travel a long distance to get to their next class. If a student has to travel from a music class to a social studies class, they would have to travel downstairs to go back upstairs and across the school since the music department is separate from other second floor classes. That’s certainly not a realistic amount of time for anyone to travel over the span of five minutes, yet so many students have to make this transition every day. Sophomore Arnold Manley says, “It’s harder to get around if your classes are on opposite sides of the building. I’ve been late multiple times on both my A days and my B days”.

In short, five minutes is nowhere near enough time for all students to get from class to class in a timely manor.