Fayette County’s Building Priorities and Security Upgrades


Bek Dunlap

Lafayette High School

Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

As you may know, our building is a little outdated to say the least. Leaks in the ceiling, ventilation not working properly, and no safety upgrades that have been talked about many times in the beginning of this school year. However, it seems that may change sooner than you think.

To find out information regarding renovations, and even security upgrades, we spoke to Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Royster.

When asked about why it’s taking so long for Lafayette to be renovated (when we are clearly in need of it),  Royster replied, “Well, we do renovations every thirty or so years and Dunbar was created thirty years ago so they’re up next [for renovations].” Renovations could consist of ventilation updates, ceiling tile changes, and other similar upgrades. Our last renovation was in 1997. That would mean we have around 9 or 10 years before our next renovations could be started.

Mr. Royster spoke about the security upgrades saying, “Well, I do know that some doors will be turned into emergency exits and will have alarms on them. In fact, some doors are even marked with stickers that show which doors will be installed with alarms, so that will happen eventually”. This information was especially interesting because many students go out all sorts of doors during dismissal, so that could have an impact  many students.

When asked about security upgrades, Mr.  Jacobs responded, he said “I know that the metal detectors will be installed at least before the end of this year”.

So that’s the situation regarding Lafayette’s building priorities and security upgrades. This will definitely affect everyone in the building, staff and students alike, but how will it affect you?