Dual Credit Courses at Lafayette


Mr. Cornett in his natural habitat.

Taylor Hanley

Education officials in Kentucky have reported an increase in the number of high school students taking dual credit courses through a university or college. In fact, the council on Post-secondary Education says that “nearly 35,000 high school students across Kentucky have participated into the dual credit courses during the 2017-18 academic years”. Dual credit courses offer students both high school and college credit. The increase in students taking a dual credit course is very positive. “I think it’s a good thing because it’s showing that students are actually caring about their education and that people actually want to do good to be able to get a better education”, freshman student Mackenzie Barnhart explained.

Students at Lafayette have the opportunity to take dual credit English, Math, and Psychology courses through Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC). Lafayette tries to offer a variety of ways for students to challenge themselves. Many students thing taking a dual credit course helps them have a head start in college. Also, taking a dual credit course in high school helps cut down on the expense of college those first couple of years, which is a win for the familes, too.

If students are interested in taking a dual credit course class then they can sign up for it on their schedule cards  in January 2019. Talk to your teachers about the benefits of taking a dual credit class or schedule an appointment with your counselor to see if the classes are a good fit for your schedule.