Marching Band Senior Night


Jacquelyn Cesiro, Staff Writer

The Lafayette senior band night is a night to commemorate the senior class in the Lafayette marching band. Laura McPherson, a copy editor for the Times and a senior clarinet in the marching band, says, “I’m very glad that I had the chance to be in the marching band, it’s been an incredible experience and I really hope we can win our 20th state championship this year.”  All the seniors received roses along with certificates commemorating their time in the band, whether it be 4 years or just the last few months.

At our school, there are currently 40 seniors in the marching band who will be graduating. These seniors have  marched in many outstanding performances, “Vive la France” (2015), “Vox Populi” (2016), “The Raven” (2017), and this years’ show “Mosaic.”

Many may continue marching throughout college, others may pursue a different course of life; away from the music they played throughout their high school years at Lafayette.  A very special congratulations to the seniors in the Lafayette band, and may the future for them after graduation be filled with luck and good fortune. Good luck with the rest of school year and the end of the marching band season here at Lafayette!