Orchestra Costume Concert


Sherri McPherson

The Lafayette String Orchestra

Sarah McPherson, Staff Writer

On the 25th of October, the orchestras from Jessie Clark Middle School performed at Norsworthy Auditorium with  Lafayette’s String and Concert Orchestras. This is an annual concert that everyone enjoys. The Jessie Clark Orchestras were conducted by Ms. Michelle Hudson and the Lafayette Orchestras were conducted by Ms. Laura Holbrook.

Students were allowed to dress up in Halloween costumes. The costumes ranged from store-bought traditional favorites like Michael Myers to home-made costumes like a pineapple. Students’ costumes were judged on one of these categories: scariest,  best overall, most creative, and funniest.

For many students, this is their first public performance with the orchestras. Despite the students’ nerves, they performed well. Nikki Cesiro, a senior who helped out at the concert, said, “It’s a wonderful way to show parents the progression the students have made in just a couple months. It gives the students a chance to see how they will grow and how they already have grown”.