Update on Bottle Cap Benches


Joey Corbin, Staff Writer

You may be noticing the benches that are placed around the school. You may even be  sitting on one as you’re reading this. But did you know that those benches are actually made of recycled bottle caps? It takes about 400 lbs. of bottle caps to create one of the long benches. We currently have three  benches located in the school. They are located in the bus foyer, the front foyer, and by the counseling office.

The bottle cap recycling allows students and staff to do something good by recycling while working to add places to sit to our school. There are four plastic barrels around the school for hard plastic bottle caps. In order to help, students can throw that hard plastic (no water bottles) into the barrels. The barrels are located in the cafeteria, in front of room 260, next to the water fountain beside room 261, and outside the library.

The Environmental Club sorts the caps and collects the ones they can use for benches.  Students should remember that any plastic with metal pieces (pumps from hand soap, etc.) cannot be recycled. This makes it easier for the Environmental Club to sort the caps. Then Environmental Club is always looking for new members to join and help.

Mrs. Polston, the sponsor of the Environmental Club, says, “The benches are for student use- I think its awesome that students can use a product of their bottle cap recycling”.