Kentucky’s Upcoming Election


Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

Tensions are getting tighter with election day soon on November 6th, with Representative Andy Barr and Amy McGrath being the candidates. The election is coming to an end, but the votes sure aren’t. The statistics show that McGrath has 46% of the current votes and Barr has 47% of the current voters, but there is still 7% people who are undecided according to this statistics article by the New York times.

So, many people expected that this election would be an easy win for Barr, considering that Kentucky is considered a red state.  A red state is a state that chooses predominately Republican predidential candidates and is perceived as a conservative state. It would only make sense that a city in a republican state would elect a republican candidate. However, to many peoples surprise, McGrath actually has a chance.

When asked about this topic, sophomore Noah Cryder replied, “Well, I think it’s not that surprising since Lexington definitely seems like a democratic city. That doesn’t mean she’ll win, though”. Lexington is more democratic compared to the rest of Kentucky, so it’s not that surprising that McGrath is expected to earn a decent amount of votes.

So whether you want Barr or McGrath to win, the winner isn’t crystal clear yet. What is important is that people participate in the election, even us students. When we can officially vote we should participate, but for now we can still pledge ourselves to one candidate or the other. Remember, we students inspire others, especially the youth. Right here is a link to, a site all about getting the youth to vote. On November 6th the votes will be determined, so stay tuned for the results.