Beginning Men and Women’s Choir Concert


Zaida Bell-Frantz

Lafayette’s 2018-2019 choir program

Zaida Bell-Frantz, Clubs Editor

Tuesday, October 16th, at 7:00 pm, the Beginning Men’s and Women’s choirs had their first concert of the season. The beginning choirs are non-audition choirs that teach students the basics of  vocal and choral technique, and music theory.

The Women’s choir, directed by Mrs. Howard, sang four songs: Sally Gardens, Old Abram Brown, Alleuia Cannon, and Clap Your Hands. The Women’s Choir also demonstrated how they use solfege syllables to identify a pitch.

The Men’s Choir sang five songs: This Land Is Your Land, Scarborough Fair, Guantanamera, Yesterday featuring soloists Jordan Fitzpatrick and Trevon Francis, and Hit The Road Jack featuring Zaida Bell-Frantz, Sarah Wiseman, and Mia Dodson as soloists. The Men’s choir also demonstrated how they use solfege syllables.

Brynn Deluca, a student in the Women’s choir, says, “This was my first time performing with a choir onstage and, with the helping hand of my amazing teacher Mrs. Howard, who taught me everything thing I know, the nerves turned to excitement and fear turn to joy”.

For many performers, this was their first time performing on stage. The students who performed did a phenomenal job and are already hard at work getting ready to perform in their next concert.