Medical Relief Club


Joey Corbin, Staff Writer

The Lafayette Medical Relief Club was created for students to engage in topics related to the medical field. It’s a fun club for students to get together and to learn. The club’s sponsor is Mr. Denmark and their president is Elora Mukhopadhyay. The club primarily raises funds to donate for medical and humanitarian relief in local global areas. They meet once or twice a month on Wednesdays in room 269. The Lafayette Medical Relief Club is open to all students at Lafayette. They have announcements over the intercom for meetings, and they send out Remind messages.

Their plan for this year is to raise funds for victims of the hurricanes in Florida and North Carolina and for cancer research. They are currently selling chocolate bars for $1 each in order to fundraise for their club. The group also will do a fundraising night at Raising Cane’s and accepts donations. They want to get students more involved and interested in the medical field and provide a resource for those who would like to learn more pertaining to the medical field. The Lafayette Medical Relief Clubs allows students to show global concern and show an affinity for the medical field.

“We are all learning and growing,” says Elora Mukhopadhyay, “The Lafayette Medical Relief Club allows me to express my affection for learning, as well as explore my endeavors in the medical field. I’m glad that we are able to make an impact on the world through donations”.