Lauren Sherrow: Student to Teacher


Ms. Sherrow: Special Educator and Lafayette Alumnus

Isabella Osborne, Copy Editor

Alumni are the people that current students strive to be; the people that have shown that life after Lafayette High School can be promising. Lauren Sherrow, a current special education teacher at Lafayette, and an alumnus, shares her story with us.

Ms. Sherrow’s first experience with Lafayette was attending and graduating Lafayette’s preschool in 1988. She graduated Lafayette in 2002 and proceeded to attend the University of Kentucky. After her time at UK, she graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education for Moderate to Severe Disabilities. She took her degree and decided to become a teacher at her alma mater Lafayette in 2008.¬†She loved the Special Education field so much that she then completed her Masters degree in 2015.

Ms. Sherrow has been teaching here for 10 years. Ms. Sherrow is a teacher of many talents. When she began teaching here at Lafayette in 2008, she was also a member of a renegade marching band and a fire circus.

Outside of teaching and school, Ms. Sherrow fills her time with lots of creative hobbies, “I enjoy Harry Potter cosplay; collecting, dressing, and posing creepy old dolls in mischievous tableau’s; fighting racism, and advocating for my LGBTQ community” . These activities shape her personality and help her to become the fun-loving educator that she is today. The next alumni in Ms. Sherrow’s family is her 13-year-old son.