Lafayette Alumni: Sarah Kinman


Lily Cruse

All Alumni Teachers at Lafayette

Brynn DeLuca, Alumni Editor

Alumni are graduates from a former school, university, or group. Lafayette’s Alumni teachers are being interviewed and asked about their experience at Lafayette while they attended.

Sarah Kinman, a math teacher, is a Lafayette alumni. She attended Lafayette in fall of 1994 and until the spring of 1998. Lafayette was still the welcoming place it is now, but a few things were different. School began at 7:30 and ended at 2:15. The schedule was the biggest change according to Mrs. Kinman. Many classes were held in portables and were 55 minutes long, 6 classes per day.

Mrs. Kinman describes herself as an average student, although she has some impressive achievements at her time at Lafayette. She was the president of the Mu Alpha Theta, the math honorary soceity. She also participated in student  council, and sports such as basketball and cross country. The most impressive thing Mrs. Kinman did is she participated in the orchestra that ranked in national competitions and won.

Ms. Kinman’s overall experience as a student was positive one on her life.  Lafayette made her very comfortable with herself and feel very welcome. She felt that everyone was genuine and hopes that this never changes. Mrs. Kinman even says how Lafayette as changed her as a person. “I have learned to go with the flow and not take everything so seriously.  I feel I am more flexible now than I used to be and an all-around better person”.