P.O.T.B Wins 20th State Championship!


Rachele Hardin

Starting from the left: Shannon James, Kate Manno, Casey Trowel, and Ni’Kerrion McDonald, the Lafayette band drum majors.

Zaida Bell-Frantz, Clubs Editor

This past weekend, on October 27th, the Lafayette “Pride of the Bluegrass” Marching Band won their 20th state championship with a score of 91.2. Lafayette was the only band in the state championship to receive a score in the 90’s. In second place North Hardin with a score of 88.9, in third was Madison Central with a score of 88.45, and in 4th was Paul Laurence Dunbar with a score of 86.3.

Lafayette’s show, entitled Mosaic, was a complex blend of movement and color. The show started out with members in grey, then a costume change occurred, and different sections ended up wearing different colors to represent the colors in a mosaic. The show also included 21 props that were different colors, and those props also lit up. The band played music selections from John Adams, Christina Aguilera,  Cyndi Lauper and Alfred Reed. The band featured soloist and drum major, Shannon James, on flute.

Maddison Howard, a senior in the band, says, “Being a part of this band has changed my life. I came here knowing absolutely no one, and will be leaving a family behind with my next step in life. Getting 4th place my first year made me realize that winning is possible, it just involves a little bit of work, a little bit of focus, and a lot of love. Winning these last 2 years was a bonus. We played our hearts out and gave everything we had. Hearing Smith say, ‘Who’s state champion?’ will forever be in my mind”.

The Pride of the Bluegrass is the first class 5a band to win 20 state championships. This a huge honor and each and every member of the band had to put in a ton of effort to get this win. The band rehearsed for months to make this show the best it could be. Their hard work paid off, and yet again P.O.T.B took the cup at state.