The Outdoors Club Garden


Arianna Spencer, Staff Writer

The Outdoors Club is working on getting their garden ready for more flowers and other plants. In the garden that they have started, located in the courtyard of Lafayette,  they have planted vegetables for Chef McBride’s cooking class and tulips that will bloom in the spring. As they plant the flowers and vegetables in the garden, they learn how to take proper care of plants.

The club is going to start a fundraiser to purchase mulch and edging tools to make their garden look prettier. The flowers that they are growing are going to be used in the  fundraiser, people can purchase them and give them to teachers and/or peers in the spring when they bloom.

They don’t plan on going on anymore hiking trips or biking trips until the spring, since winter is just around the corner. They are currently trying to get new materials to make a compost bin.

Ms. Detraz, the club sponsor, says, “Since the season is coming to a close, we will wait until spring to build a brand new flower box!”.  She seems just as excited to start the next project as the students are.