Technology Student Association

Hailey Hellard, Staff Writer

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is for anyone who is interested in programming or the field of technology education. Sponsor of the club, Marty Nolan, said, “TSA is great for those who enjoy working with technology, and it prepares them for careers involving technology”.

TSA helps students learn about computer programs and get involved in tech ed. activities. Students use leadership skills to work together and compete in competitions. TSA also allows students to plan and attend social events throughout the year. One thing members of the club enjoy most is meeting with business/industry leaders because it gives them a chance to work with the leaders and helps expand their education.

TSA meets throughout the month, after dismissal in room 604. If you have an interest in technology or think this club could be for you, contact the club’s sponsor Marty Nolan at [email protected].