Kara Lawrence’s Experience with her 20th High School Reunion

Brynn DeLuca, Alumni Editor

On October 13th at Copper Roux the class of 1998 graduates of Lafayette came together. One of these graduates was Kara Lawrence. She will be sharing her experience with us.

Kara grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, living in the same house her whole life. She spent all four years of her high school career at Lafayette. She believes every day she spent at Lafayette affected her life for the better.

Kara Lawrence spent her time at Lafayette enjoying every moment. She did a little bit of everything. She spent her time performing  in the orchestra, playing basketball, participating in Senior Class Live, and making memories with her friends. Ms. Lawrence hada few close friends that really pulled her through the years, Sarah Lucas Kinman and Lynn McMullin, fellow alumni. She believes every graduate would look back and say Lafayette changed their lives. They’ve would’ve done some things differently, but overall her experience was a typical one.

Lafayette’s reunion warmed everyone’s hearts as old and new friends meet. Kara was most excited to see her old classmates out of anyone there. It was the first time she had seen her fellow alumni since the graduation. People came from all over the country: California, New York, Florida, and Montana. According to Ms. Lawrence this is what made the reunion memorable, “Yes! That was the best part! It was great to see those people who ventured far away from Lexington after graduation”.

Even though social media has allowed her to keep in touch of major life changes with her classmates, seeing them in person and being in the same room, allows that connection of friendship built through years to return.

Kara Lawrence’s final words about the reunion comes through a close friend. Sarah Kinman, a current teacher at Lafayette High School, shares tha it felt as if the 20 year gap never happened. Every graduate felt they were all back at Lafayette, all together again in 1998.