The Student Book Club


Ariana Spencer , Staff writer

The Student Book club is sponsored by the Librarian, Ms. Jolliffe. They currently only have 10 members in the club. They meet about every six weeks to talk about what they have read. They usually try to establish a genre for the next meeting. The students pick a book from that genre to read and talk about it in the next meeting. They have already read Horror and Nonfiction books. The Book Club helps students widen their verity of books and the students can find out that they may like different books from a genre that they hardly read.

Their next meeting is December 5, and they will be sharing a Sci-Fi novel that they have chosen to read.  The following dates for meetings are:  January 3, February 13, March 14, April 11, and May 15.

Ms. Jolliffe  says, “I do enjoy our genre studies.  I think most of us have a genre or two that we read a lot, and probably a genre or two that we never read.  This has encouraged us all to read “outside the box” and stretch ourselves a bit, and I think we’ve all been pleasantly surprised to find that we like books from the genres we weren’t typically drawn to.”