Alleged Bomb Threat over Social Media?


Screenshot of the message that was received by many.

Maire Birdwell, Managing and Features Editor

At the end of school yesterday, November 15th, school officials and staff found out through student reporting, that there was an alleged threat of violence posted on social media. 

Principal Bryne Jacobs sent a letter to families of students addressing the situation.

Some parts of the letter are:

Just before the end of the school day, we were made aware of a social media post circulating among our students alleging someone had threatened violence at our school. “

In the meantime, out of an abundance of caution, we have made arrangements for an increased police presence on campus tomorrow.”

“We are proud of those who reported this matter because that demonstrates our students are serious about helping us keep Lafayette a safe place to learn and work by reporting concerns immediately to trusted adults.”

While the threat was made, there was a fake text message that seemed to be sent around that seemed very legit. The message included:

“LEX18:Schools will be closed on 11/16/18 due to a bomb threat: Here’s a list of all schools closed that day:”

The students who reported the situation are to be valued by others in the school for keeping Lafayette secure. There is an increased police presence today.  Thanks to those brave students, for making sure Lafayette will be in good hands today, so we can all leave school peacefully for the weekend.