Kentucky Youth Assembly 2018


Sherri McPherson

Sharlene Wang and Anne Elizabeth Forker prepare for debate in the Kentucky House at the Capitol.

Joey Corbin, Clubs Writer

On Thursday, November 29th, Mrs. McPherson led a group of thirty-three students to participate in the Kentucky Youth Assembly. Mrs.McPherson describes the  Kentucky Youth Assembly as “One of the best experiences a student can have. It blends critical thinking and knowledge of important issues with public speaking and exposure to people from different backgrounds and points of view”.

The conference lasted three days and students participaed in several activities including: presenting and debating bills, giving speeches, running for an office, and participating in mandatory fun.

The group presented bills on topics such as adding tougher penalties to people selling e-cigarettes to minors, creating hydroelectric utilities, and requiring employers to offer six weeks’ paid maternity. Their delegation was recognized for being well-prepared and modeling appropriate professional behavior. Likewise,their delegation and some of the students involved received some awards. The awards consist of the following:

Outstanding delegate: Madeline Lambert

Outstanding speaker: Eliza Sayers

Premiere delegation award

Chapter of honor award( 500 or more hours of community service)

Bills passed: Maternity Leave Bill

Bills signed into law: tougher penalties on E-cigs sold to minors

This year, Nick Skidmore ran for a presiding officer position. Out of twelve candidates, he placed first. This earned him the title of Governor for the 2019 Kentucky Youth Assembly. Lafayette has not had a Governor of the Kentucky Youth Assembly since 2000. Valarie Newberg served as the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Workforce, where she participated in balancing the budget and recommending vetoes for sponsored bills. This year’s lobbyists include Katty Spurlock and Micah McAlister. Bonnie McCormick served as their Media Corps delegate. Audrey Fields was an assistant editor for the Media Corps. Their Supreme Court team consisted of the following students: Abby Rasmussen, Chad DeMoss, and Beck Armstrong.

If you would like more information about joining Lafayette’s Student Y, stop by 218 to talk to Mrs. McPherson. Membership forms are on the bulletin board outside of 218 and will be accepted with dues until January 19, 2019.