What is Lafayette interested in?


Student looking at sports

Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

Lafayette High School is an incredibly large and diverse place. Students come to be educated, see their friends, and, hopoefully, get good grades. All of us are unique people, though, so it’s true to say that we all have different tastes. So hopefully this article will help define who we are as students.

First off, everyone has a music preference. While rap/hip-hop is dominating the competition, people have interests in other genres. I asked 40 people what their favorite music genre is and 23 of the 40 people I asked said that their favorite music genre was rap. To be precise, 23 people said they like rap, 9 said they like rock, 4 said they like pop, 1 said they like country, and 3 said they liked electronic.

Then, I asked people about their favorite TV show. Brandon Baber said that his favorite TV show is classic Tom and Jerry. On the the other hand, Noah Cryder likes the high school sports drama: All American. Finally, Nick Kirby said his favorite show is The Office. The contrast between all these shows is pretty big, and it shows the variety of things us students like.

Finally, I asked students what their favorite hobbies were. Students responded with answers that ranged from playing video games to playing football. Joey Corbin says that baking is a great hobby because “it calms you down since you’re focusing so much on [producing a great product]” .A student who wished to remain anonymous said that he draws in his free time because it’s one of his passions.

At our school we take pride in our differences and diversity. We have over 2,000 unique students at this school and we are the future.