Thespians Invade Lafayette


Victoria Steward, Managing Editor/Arts Editor

(Photo Credit: Elizabeth Steward)

          A new honor society is coming to Lafayette and no, it’s not for math or science, it’s for theatre. It’s called the International Thespian Society (ITS).

          The mission of ITS, as stated by their website, “is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts.” The Lafayette Thespian Troupe, led by Drama teacher Amie Kisling, had its official ITS  induction ceremony on October 12th. Inductees were honored with a yellow rose, induction certificate, and induction pin. Inductees pledged to share their love of theatre and strive for excellence in their art. All ITS members live by the motto “Act well your part; There all the honor lies.” -Alexander Pope.

          Thespians will travel to Owensboro for the 2017 Kentucky Thespian Festival in November. While in attendance at the festival, students can perform individual events, compete in tech challenges, and audition for scholarships. Along with these benefits, ITS can be used to enhance college applications.

          ITS is run on a point system, the more theatre-related activities you complete the more points you get, the higher your rank. To be inducted you have to have at least 10 points, and for every 10 points, the students are given a star. Once students gain 60 points all stars are removed and they become an Honor Thespian, at 120 points the student becomes a National Honor Thespian, and at 180 points the student becomes an International Honor Thespian. The points system gives the students goals to work for and encourages them to improve their theatre skills.

          Students also have the leadership opportunities within the society. The Lafayette troupe, along with Mrs. Kisling, is led by President Alex Simpson, Vice President Sarah Morgan, Secretary Sylvannah Regalado, Photographer/Historian Jordan Vescio, Sophomore Representative Harrison Hancock, Junior Representative Grace Brown, and Senior Representative Walker Cody.