AP Preview Night


Kylie Willis

AP World History final exam review book.

Kylie Willis, Clubs witer

Now that the first semester is wrapping up, Lafayette is already preparing for the next school year! Schedule cards go out in mid-January and some of the course options offer a sneak peek of its essence. Advanced Placement (AP) classes occupy more than twenty Lafayette courses. These include AP Calculus, AP World History, AP Musicianship, and more. These classes have a meeting to give the upcoming students a preview of what’s to come which will help them decide if the course is a fit for them.

On January 29th, the Lafayette teachers of AP classes will host an AP Preview night. The evening will welcome all upcoming students and their families to receive information on their selected course. Information will include what the course covers, summer assignments, homework load, and more. All AP courses are different content-wise, but are structured the same by the AP guidelines.

AP courses are known for the extensive workload and focus. They are supposed to benefit your college career due to it being an actual college level class. However, this comes with much effort and dedication. One student, Brittany Nguyen who is currently enrolled in AP World History as a sophomore, says, “Work hard, study hard, and in the end, everything plays out.” This is a good motto for the year-long course of AP World History, and many of the AP classes. These classes expect a lot out of their students and the students expect a lot out of the benefits toward their future.

Students who take these classes are held to high standards by their teachers and by themselves. In order to stay on top of all the content and assignments, students work very hard to complete the readings and pay attention in class. Systems of communication are important like Remind 101 and classic email for student-teacher communication. This way, students will always have a clear understanding of the course’s expectations. So, this meeting is perfect for just that reason. You will be able to get all available information on the upcoming year’s AP courses.

For more information on the AP Preview night or just AP courses in general, you can contact one of the many AP teachers here at Lafayette. Contact information can be accessed through the LHS website in ‘Staff Directory” under the “Students” tab. Additionally, for general scheduling information, you can also go to the LHS website, or visit the counseling office at Lafayette. So be prepared, the next school year is approaching quickly!