Update On Student Badges


Rebekah Dunpal

The front of the school is often the first place these incoming freshman see of the school.

Taylor Hanley, Staff Writer

All of the Fayette County High schools either have or are getting student badges. Lafayette will be getting their student ID badges on January 3rd, 2019 which is the day after winter break for Fayette County. The ID badges are a very important way for schools to not only to keep students and staff safe, but also so they can identify each student for a part of security. The students at Lafayette are going to have to wear the student ID badges all day, during every school day. These badges will be given to students for free. However, if students lose the badges, then they will have to pay $2 to get a new one.

Students are will have to scan the student badges if they are late. the badges must be visible at all times, and students who forget or lose their badges will have to purchase one immediately before entering the school. In addition, all teachers will check each student in every class to make sure that students have their badges and are displaying them visibly. Student s will use the ID badges to swipe before they leave the class to go use the bathroom or another errand. LIkewise, students will use the ID badges when checking in to a tardy table.

Lafayette and the rest of Fayette County High Schools are hoping that this makes families and students feel more safe about coming to school. The news of the school badges

“Not really looking forward to the [hassle of] student ID badges, but if it keeps us safe then I guess it’s all right,” Sarah McPherson a student at Lafayette stated.

All of Lafayette students were reminded about getting the ID badges through an email. Even though most or all students aren’t too happy about the badges, most students agree that Lafayette is trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.

There have already been some high schools in Fayette County like Frederick Douglass, and Paul Laurence Dunbar where the badges have been implemented. Students attending Dunbar stated that since the student ID badge implementation, they have noticed stricter enforcement of security measures.

Even though Lafayette does not have all of the security upgrades that Douglass and Dunbar have, our families appreciate the administration keeping everyone informed about the security upgrades.

With anything new, there will be a period of adjustment for our teachers and students. In time, wearing student IDs will be come the new normal for our school.