The Melting Pot of Lafayette

Welcome Generals!


Elke Coenders, Features Editor

Lafayette is the biggest high school in the district, so why not make us even bigger? Lafayette has always had a history of a constantly growing student body, and this school year the school population has grown tremendously. The community of Lafayette has reached over 2,070 students. The incoming freshmen are not the only students we welcome to Lafayette— we are also receiving transfers from Dunbar, Bryan Station, and multiple other high schools in the district. This proves to be a substantial change for these transferring students, for they are leaving their friends, their community, and for some, more annoyingly, their bus route.

However, we welcome all students to Lafayette with open arms, for you are all now Generals! You now have the opportunity to make new friends, have new favorite teachers, get involved with new clubs, and, most importantly, love your new school. Whether you are sporty, artsy, or an academic, there is a place for you here at Lafayette!