A new form of security and safety: Student ID badges


Rebekah Dunlap

Extra student ID badges have been made to have as replacements for each and every student. If you are to misplace or forget your ID badge at home for whatever reason, you will be sent to the office where you will either be required to have someone bring you your badge, or required to purchase a new one for $2.

Yazmin Diaz Montelongo, Opinion Writer

Student ID badges are the first step in creating a safer environment for students and teachers at Lafayette High School. It is one of the many things that are going to change for the security and safety of all.

As of  Thursday, January 3, 2019 students at Lafayette High School were given their official student ID badges. They are required to be worn and visible to teachers and staff at every hour of the school day, from 8:25 am to 3:15 pm. On Friday, January 4, 2019, 33 students were sent upstairs to safe, because they didn’t have their ID badges with them for whatever reason.

There are many different opinions from both teachers and students about these student ID badges. Many don’t really care for them, some are happy students were given these badges, and many others are very angry and upset that we are required to wear them at all times, every day. If you are to forget, misplace, or ruin your student ID badge for whatever reason, you will be required to go up stairs to the third floor and wait for your parent/guardian to bring you your badge, or you will have to purchase a new one for $2. Repeated offense for the same reason will resort to higher consequences.

With a little over 2,400 students attending Lafayette High School, it can go without say that there will be days that students will forget their badges. Students are reminded every morning during announcements to wear their badges at all times and have them visible to teachers and administrative staff.

“They are kinda annoying,” says Sydney Taylor, a sophomore at Lafayette High School. “Especially when I leave it at home or in my parents car and have to buy a new one or have my parent run back home and bring me my badge”.