Coolidge Scholarship


A flier advertising the Coolidge scholarship, picturing previous recipients

Olivia Adams, Opinions Editor

The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship that covers all of the student’s expenses for four years of undergraduate study at a university or college. It is a presidential scholarship, named and credited after the 30th president Calvin Coolidge. The student who receives the scholarship can chose any four-year undergraduate university to attend.

This is a tremendous opportunity. A lot of recipients choose highly accredited schools, such as Harvard and Rice university. The options are endless, and students who receive the scholarship will be able to attend their dream college debt-free.

Any current Junior, regardless of background or financial need, can apply for the scholarship, as long as they intend to go to college the year after they graduate. However, the scholarship focuses on academic excellence and participation in community service, so participants should keep that in mind. Seniors are not eligible to apply, as well as Juniors intending to take a gap year before college.

Participating students will be required to write an essay on the autobiography of Calvin Coolidge. Detailed written recommendations are also required, whether they are from teachers, mentors, coaches, or someone who knows the student well. Multiple students across the nation will be accepted as finalists, where they will go through a string of interviews and activities to determine if they will be a recipient of the scholarship.

Applications are due on January 23rd. An applicant will know if they are a finalist by May 1st. From there, selected winners will participate in orientations and meetings during the summer with the other finalists.

One of Lafayette’s guidance counselors, Mrs. Lilly, says about the scholarship, “It sounds like a great opportunity for competitive academic students, as it is solely merit based. It covers full-tuition, room and board, and other required fees and can be accepted at any accredited college. Wonderful opportunity!”