Lafayette’s New Years Resolutions


Rebekah Dunlap

2019 new years glasses

Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

With the arrival of 2019, we are all celebrating the new year with our resolutions. Well, some of us, at least. It seems like a lot of people try and complete their New Year’s resolutions, but fail throughout the year because of some mishap or just because they get lazy or forget. I asked students and teachers of Lafayette what their resolutions would be for the new year, and hopefully, we can help keep them.

First, let’s understand where the new year resolution trend started. It’s recorded that the ancient Babylonians were the first to officially set these annual resolutions. That being said, it was a bit different. Their resolutions were just to return borrowed objects, so I guess you could say that they created the forefrunner for our New Year’s tradition. Keep in mind, this was around 4,000 years ago. The early Christians also celebrated something close to our resolutions. They were determined to do better for God every year, so they would make resolutions to do so, which is a lot different than the modern version. Yet, these are the influences that have given way to the new years resolutions we know today. You can find more information at

Out of all the people I asked about their resolutions, most of them had stayed on track and completed them. One senior, Csanad Hcgyi, has stayed faithful to his resolution.

I asked him what his resolution was for the New Year. “My resolution was to get in shape for the new year or something like that. I’ve been doing well so far, but I’d like to do better.” Csanad said.

Sophomore Emmet Fitzgibbons has a pretty big basketball resolution. I asked him about his New Year.

“This year I’m gonna dunk. I’ve been close to dunking in 2018, but now my hops have been seeing a massive improvement.”

Freshman, Joey Corbin’s New Years goal was very uplifting.

“My goal is to be way more positive in general. I wanna be a better person”, she said.

Houston Martin is a Junior who has a great resolution for many people, I think.

“Well, I’m just gonna try and be more relaxed or …chill or whatever,” he said.

Lastly, English teacher Mrs. McPherson has a goal that is not an easy task for anyone.

“My resolution is to run 2019 miles since its 2019,” she said.

Lafayette’s resolutions are really inspiring. It shows that all our students and staff have hope and ambition. We all have dreams and aspirations. Here’s to a good year completing your resolutions.