Bluegress Kentucky Fame AMT Work Program


Brynn DeLuca

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Brynn DeLuca, Alumni Section Editor

Our beautiful state of Kentucky offers many amazing scholarships for its incoming college students. However, even with these scholarships, some students struggle to afford college and must take out loans which can be difficult to pay back. The Bluegrass Fame AMT Work Study understands this struggle and provides an opportunity for these struggling individuals.

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) provides a way for students to graduate debt-free while still earning an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Industrial Maintenance Technology.

A recipient of this degree would be able to pursue a career in manufacturing. All accepted participants will earn $12 to $17 an hour, working 3 days a week and going to school 2 days a week. After the 21-month degree program ends, students will have gained 1800 hours of work and earned a salary of $62,000 in 2 years.

The selection of candidates is based on academic record, ACT/SAT scores, essays and other factors that are relevant to the specific student’s academic history. Some of these requirements for Bluegrass Frame AMT scholarship include that participants must be 18, drug-free, a citizen of United States, currently graduating from high school, a GPA of at least a C average, and meets all other BCTC requirements.

Those accepted into the program are also taught ways to manage money, along with other financial skills such as methods of payment, loans, grants, payments plans, important financial dates, and other necessities.

BCTC offers this beneficial scholarship because it’s important to give everyone a chance despite financial struggles. The AMT Work-Study program takes these values to a new level. The program doesn’t have students just sitting in a classroom, instead, they gain skill in the industry of manufacturing through hands-on workshops.

A college student who was admitted to the AMT program, Hannah Bernhard, says about her experience, “BCTC is an amazing program and has really helped me achieve my goals. I still get to graduate college with a degree in Applied Science and begin my career in manufacturing debt free! It was a lot of work but I feel truly blessed to be given this chance”.