Lafayette Band Bash


Michelle Dunlap

Students, friends, and family dancing at the 2018 Band Bash.

Kylie Willis, Clubs witer

The annual Lafayette Band Bash is coming soon! On March 16, 2019 all students, families, and friends are welcome to come and enjoy the night with the Lafayette jazz bands. This is a perfect time to shed the winter coat of laziness and get moving.

The night will include delicious food and wonderful music from the two Lafayette jazz bands. The Jazz Ensemble is led by Dr. Chris Strange, and the Jazz Band is lead by director Aaron Jones. A silent auction will be taking place, and all are encouraged to participate! The theme is “True Colors”,  this is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your best 1980’s outfit. Bright colors, ruffles, big hair and more are all encouraged. Of course, you can  always come in your choice of attire; regardless, be ready to dance. This event has proven year after year to be a hit among the attendees, and everyone always enjoys the night.

To give you a feel of the night, Jazz Ensemble director Chris Strange says, “At the Band Bash, everyone has a good time. The jazz players love to perform their pieces, and everyone loves to dance along. It’s an amazing evening of great music and a lot of fun.” Many of the pieces are well-known and easy to sing and dance along to. Spontaneous dance battles and sing-alongs have happened in the past, and are always a blast.

So, save the date for a night of fun, dancing, food, and most of all, music. This event is always much anticipated and previous attendees recommend everyone to come. Again, students, their families, and their friends are all invited to join the Lafayette jazz bands. And if you are up to the task, find the most 80’s outfit you can to dance the night away in.

For more information, you can look on the Lafayette Band website.