ACT for 10th-11th Grade


Rebekah Dunlap

Dates of the ACT for 2018-2019

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer

On March 12th,  both Juniors and Sophomores are going to be taking the ACT. This ACT test will be the first time for many Sophomores. When taking the test students need to think about how this will affect college decisions and scholarships. All colleges take different ACT scores, so don’t assume your score will automatically admit you to your dream college. Higher scores will give you a better chance at getting into good schools, with good scholarships.

This will be a great opportunity to see what you need to study for future administrations. However, there are practice tests you can take on the College Board websites. You can also look on the Lafayette website under the Media Center tab.

Mikaela Scott who is a sophomore that will be taking the ACT for the first time said, “I don’t know anything about the ACT except [putting] a lot of stress on the students who want to to do well and get into a good college”.

There is no need to stress about the ACT! There are many more chances to retake and get a higher score.