Alice Forgy Kerr (R)


Alice Forgy Kerr staffer

Rhonda Mullins, Senator Kerr, Joanne Trammell, David Bates, Sherri McPherson, Stephanie McDermott, and Susie Jolliffe

Sarah McPherson, Staff Writer

Alice Forgy Kerr is the Senator for District 12 that serves part of Fayette County and specifically, where Lafayette High School is located. Kerr, a Republican, was first elected in 1998 and is one of the 38 members of the Senate who serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

With her recent election in 2018, Kerr begins her third decade as a Kentucky State Senator. For the 2019 short session, Kerr has sponsored several bills. A typical day during session finds Senator Kerr attending committee meetings, meeting with constituents, and debating legislation on the Senate floor.

The Lafayette Times staff wondered what serving as a State Senator was like, so we asked her a few questions.

SM: How long have you served District 12?
AFK: In my 21st year

SM:What are the issues do you think are the most important for the 2019 General Assembly?
AFK: School safety

SM: How can people contact you, if needed?
AFK: [email protected]

SM: Why were you interested in running for public office?
AFK: I love people and enjoy the opportunity to help them when possible. I want Kentucky to continue to be the place where our citizens can enjoy the quality of life we have here.