Daily Duties of School Custodian

James Barnett, News Editor

Many people in their life have had to clean something at some point, but for a few people cleaning is their job. Here at Lafayette, the school custodians do the dirty work to make our school clean.  At Lafayette, the school custodians work very hard cleaning all parts of the school–the desk in classes, the bathrooms, the hallways, the cafeteria, etc.

Our Custodians put in the extra hours to keep us from getting sick. When the school day is done they are still here making an effort to do their very best.

Not only do the custodians do the cleaning in the halls, but they also clean the cafeteria after lunches. During the transition of each lunch, the custodians switch out each trash can and wipe down the tables.

Here our Custodians make Lafayette high school clean, and without them, our school wouldn’t be the same.

So the next time you see one of our Custodians, make sure to thank them for all their hard work.