Should Students be Able to Take a Mental Health Day?

Kylie Willis, Clubs witer

Everyday, students have numerous tasks that last from the morning to the evening. With school alone, we are expected to be present, participate in class for roughly eight hours, and after all of that, still do homework. Not to mention that students do have lives outside of school. This is a recipe for an endless cycle that is extremely hard for students to keep up with. This is why we should be able to take an occasional day off for the sake of mental health.

Mental health goes way further than breathing and meditating. However, most people in our busy, technology-driven world don’t realize that. That’s why when mental health is mentioned, some people don’t take it seriously. Once we all take a step back and really take time to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, we can see how important it is to be in a healthy state of mind. We can only achieve this when breaks are given as breaks are needed. Meaning, students should be allowed to take mental health days off from school.

The average student’s life is a pretty busy. Like mentioned above, there are many responsibilities that come with school. And aside from all of these responsibilities, students are at a critical growing period in their lives. They can’t just be academically-focused all the time, there has to be time for relaxing, socializing, and having fun. This will add up to a healthy adolescence. Even the health/PE teacher, Mrs. Howard says, “I believe a mental health day would be helpful.” With school being stressed as our biggest priority, many problems arise.

By giving students the opportunity to take a day off, it might help with their performance in school. On their day off, they could get much-needed sleep which would help them be more alert the next day in school. Or, they might eat a usually-ignored breakfast that would help give them the brain power they need for school. With a day off, students have the opportunity to hit the reset button. We can recharge and refuel, which will tremendously help out our mental state, and even improve our academic experience and future.