Dance Team Wins 3rd


David Scholl

The 2018-2019 Dance team with the third place trophy.

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer

The Lafayette dance team took third place at Nationals. The competition took place at Disney World in Florida, on Saturday, February 2.  Though they didn’t have much free time, the time they did have was spent bonding over dinner and riding rides at the park.

All season, they worked to create a performance they all could be proud of, and all that hard work has finally paid off when they placed 3rd.

Connor Perry, who is a senior on the team, said, “I am so proud! We worked our butts off this entire season and fought for that trophy. Couldn’t be happier”.

It looked like they had a lot of good competition. If you go on their Instagram (@lafayettedanceky), there is a video in their bio that you can click on and it will show you the dance performance. The team said that if they get in the top three, they would jump into a pool. Meaning the girls, coaches, and parents. Well, they got third, so they have to keep their word. If you want to see that, go to their Instagram and show your support.