Lafayette offers “Blind Dates” with Books


Lily Cruse

“Blind Dates” book stand

Brynn DeLuca, Alumni Section Editor

Lafayette has many varieties of books offered in our school library. Our librarian Miss Jolliffe, is offering another exciting program for our readers: “Blind Dates” with books.

Blind Date with a book is an idea that’s has been floated around for a long time on library-related social media sites like Pinterest.  Lafayette has done this three or four times, as a Valentine’s Day tradition. Each time has been very successful.

Ms. Jolliffe and a library helper pull random books from the shelves, all different genres, and all different production dates.  They wrap them up in color wrapping paper so book titles are unknown. Readers that want to participate come to the library any time and blindly select a “mystery book.”

Librarians check out the books to any interested student or staff member. The reader will then unwrap the book and read it. A  few teachers are participating, like Mr. Howard, Mr. Yeager, and Ms. Jones, and so are several students, including Emma Russell, Mara Flaherty, and Lindsey Sargent.

There are several “mystery books” left, so Ms. Jolliffe hopes people will hurry down. Ms. Jollife hopes that the book the reader chooses is something they wouldn’t normally select on their own.  Participants will fill out a tiny form to “rate their date.”  They will then meet in the library at 3:30 on Valentine’s Day (February 14) to dish about their “dates” and eat cake.

Ms. Jolliffe has a few words to say about this exciting program.  “I love the idea of blindly selecting a book.  Most of us stick to one or two different kinds of books, and I like it when we break out and try something different.  We may love the new genre, in which case we’re encouraged to read more in that vein, or we may hate the book, which usually results in better discussions!’

Our librarians work hard to give opportunities to our readers. They want to spread awareness about the joys of reading. So they design fun programs like “Blind Dates with Books.” Go to the libary to check to pick a “blind date”. It’s sure to be a sweet experience.