Lafayette’s Stats


The door to the counseling office, where the stats are recorded.

Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

Lafayette High School is a huge school, with 2440 students enrolled by the end of 2017 to 2018. On the school website, you can find all the statistics of our school from last school year. The gender gap, racial differences, or even economic differences. The statistics are fascinating, especially when you are a student here!

Lafayette was opened in 1939. It started to utilize block-rotation scheduling in 2000-2001. Lafayette’s racial breakdown is 68% White, 12% African American, 11% Hispanic, 9% other (as of 2017-2018).

Here is Lafayette’s students’ ACT Mean Composite Scores.

ACT Mean Composite Scores:

              Lafayette                    Nation                 Kentucky
2015-16                22.0                    20.8                     20.0
2016-17                22.6                    21.0                     19.6
2017-18                22.0                    20.8                     20.2


Average SAT Scores:

2015-2016 Critical Reading Mathematics Writing
Lafayette                   617         612      599
Nation                   494         508      482
Kentucky                   604         599      586


Here is also the class of 2018 that graduated and where they went.

Attending a 4-year college or university Attending a 2-year college/voc/tech school Entering military service Entering the job market Undecided
             70%                 3%        1%        25%     1%

I asked senior Brandon Baber what he thought our grad uatiing students who attend college rate would be.

“I think it’s going to be around 16% that went to college.” Then I showed him the stats.

“…That’s crazy! 70% is unbelievable…” Truth is, a lot more students go to college than he thought.