How do the Students and Staff at Lafayette High School Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yazmin Diaz Montelongo, Opinion Writer

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and friendship with those who surround and love you. Each year, chocolate, roses, teddy bears, and many other things, are gifted to the people we care most about in our lives. February 14 is a beautiful holiday, full of romance and romantic gestures.

This year, the staff and students at Lafayette High School decided to take part in the celebration of love and happiness. How did students and staff decide to celebrate?

Well, there are a few things in which both students and teachers participated in this Valentine’s Day.

The library started with the annual, Blind Book Date.  This Valentine’s tradition here at Lafayette is done in just a few simple steps. Ms. Jolliffe, one of the librarians at Lafayette, goes around the library selecting books at random. Books are picked from every shelf, from different genres, authors, and time periods. They then wrap each book individually, so the book cover is no longer visible, participates then pick out a number that corresponds with the “blind book”. The reader will have no idea what the book genre or author is until it’s unwrapped. The purpose of the “blind book” date is to get students and staff to read outside their normal book genres. It’s a way to pull the readers out of their comfort zones.

Today after school at 3:30 those that participated in this book date, have been invited to attend a small book club, with Valentine goodies as well. This is gives the reader a chance to talk about the book they read, and if they found a new genre to choose from.

The General Outfitters have also decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day. During the past week, students were able to buy cupcakes for two dollars. Students were able to sent these sweets to anyone they wished. These sweet treats are delivered to students during their A4 class, today on Valentine’s Day.

All in all, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the loved ones in your life, and to experience something new. It’s also an excuse to fill up on some sweet goodies, without feeling guilty.