Civil Engineering Scholarship


Hena Kachroo

The Kentucky Transportation website with information about the civil engineering scholarships.

Hena Kachroo, Staff Writer

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet offered scholarships to students pursuing a degree in civil engineering and engineering technology. The cabinet will award 30 new scholarships this year. The deadline for submitting the application was February 1st, so if you missed it, don’t worry because there are 80 scholarship openings each year. Scholarship recipients will receive a chance to work during summer as well as guaranteed employment after graduation. For each year of scholarship assistance, students must agree to one year of work for the cabinet.

10 to 20 scholarships are awarded each year who are planning to attend universities suck as the University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, and the University of Louisville. Students can also attend pre-engineering courses at Kentucky State University or other Kentucky state colleges or universities. The scholarship can be worth over 51,000 dollars with 6,200 a semester for freshman and sophomores and 6,600 a semester for juniors and seniors.

To qualify for the scholarship, you must a graduate of a Kentucky high school or be a high school graduate that resides in Kentucky and must meet the admission requirements of your chosen university and its engineering department. The method of selection for the scholarships will be scholastic standing, recommendations, input from universities such as the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet staff, and the ACT score for only freshmen. A minimum score of 24 is required on the ACT. For more information you can go to, the website for the civil engineering scholarships and read more about it for next years submission.