2019 UCA Cheerleading Championship


Maggileigh Stadstad

The Varsity team

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer

The Cheerleading Championship took place at Disney World on February 11th. The Varsity cheer team made it to the finals. They made history! This is the first time the team made it to the finals and placed 9th out of ten of the top teams in the nation. The Junior varsity team placed 8th place in their finals, and also placed in the top ten in the nation.  Both teams were very successful.

Maggileigh Stadstad, who is on the team, said, “Cheer has changed my life forever, I love it so much! The feeling you have of being on that mat before you perform is surreal.”

The girls had a really great time and they are all so proud of each other. They said that it was one of the most amazing weeks of their lives.