Lafayette Teachers Visit Frankfort

Taylor Hanley, News

Lafayette teachers participated in the Kentucky Education Association (KEA) day of learning. KEA is a state-wide professional organization of teachers headquartered in Frankfort.

Our superintendent, Manny Caulk, supports each school by sending a group of teachers to Frankfort to meet with legislators. February 21st was the day assigned to Lafayette. David Bates (Psychology), Chris McCurry (English), Sherri McPherson (English), and Rhoda Mullins (Family Consumer Science) attended on February 21, 2019. The teachers attended the 11:30 Senate Education meeting, where four bills were debated.

“It is important that the people closest to students, teachers, and parents are able to talk with legislators, especially when laws will directly impact students”, Sherri McPherson, a teacher that attended the Frankfort trip, explained. “After the meeting, we met with Senator Reggie Thomas to discuss specific concerns that all the teachers had with bills discussed in the meeting”.