Lafayette Archery Team Wins District Championship


Nia Brown

Archery poster

Brynn DeLuca , Alumni Section Editor

Lafayette had an amazing archery season and performed well at district. The District Championship was an all-day shoot, free for all,  at Mercer County Intermediate School.

In archery, there is a target with ten rings on it and two rings per color; each ring is a point. In the middleweight, there is 9 and 10 in the yellow, then 7 and 8 in red, 5 and 6 in blue, 3 and 4 in black, and 1 and 2 in white. There is a practice round at 10 meters, 3 scoring rounds at 10 meters, then the same at 15 meters. Each round has 5 arrows shot, and you’re scored based off of where they land. Everyone shoots six scoring rounds at two distances and has a total score out of 300. 

To get to district, the coaches look at your scores from the season, and they also held a shoot off in the morning, to find the top 24 archers. Lafayette easily made the list.

Lafayette shot against everyone in the district including Henry Clay, Tates Creek, Dunbar, Beaumont, Lexington Catholic, and every team from the district. Lafayette overall team score was 3397 and their ten mark was 182. They ranked first out of all teams shooting. The boys’ team did especially outstanding. Cole Murphy placed 1st in the boys’ division and Logan Shelton and Jason Bussell in the top 5.

Lafayette archer, Cole Murphy, has a few words to say about his time competing, “I have worked so hard to get the skill it took to make it to district. I am so proud of myself and my General teammates. Lafayette shooting archery team is a unit and I am glad to be part of that.”

Archery is a sport that takes skill and precision. Obviously, LHS has these amazing skills with getting into the District Championship and placing first. Go, Generals!