Lafayette Flood


Came from LHS's Twitter

A tweet sent out during the flood

Zaida Bell-Frantz, Clubs Editor

On Thursday, February 21, at approximately 12:55 pm, the fire alarms went off and students had to evacuate the building.

Students and teachers were clueless as to what was happening.  Many rumors were speculating as to what happened, from kids smoking to a toilet being broken. However, these rumors were not true.

When asked what actually happened, Mr. Royster said – “Students were horse playing in the bathroom and accidentally hit the sprinkler head. It was an old sprinkler head, so it was easily broken.”

Students spent an hour outside while the fire department was making sure everything was okay. The science department had significant flooding (about 5 inches).

Fifteen minutes after students were allowed back in the building, the fire alarms went off again and students had to evacuate another time. The next day, many science classes were moved because the science department still had water. As chaotic as the day was, thankfully no one was hurt, and students handled the situation well.

If you would like to commemorate this experience, General Outfitters will be selling t-shirts that say, “I survived the Lafayette flood of 2019” for $10 during lunches.