Chic Green


James Barnett, News Editor

Ashraf Shihab, who went by the name Chic Green while attending Lafayette from 1976 – 1979, ran track for all three years and lettered all four years in Cross Country.  During his career at Lafayette, accomplished many feats including:
In 1976 – A State Track -Runner up.
78 -State Track Champions, 1978 – 880 medley/220 Split of 4, his time was 19.1.
At 1978 State Meet, he set his record for the 400-meter race at the Ashland Invitational and beat Tony Owens of Henry Clay Sr. High School for the first time at 49.1
He received offers for several colleges, but choose to attend the University of Louisville.  He found college to be boring and left and graduated from Jefferson County Trade school.
Due to life changes in 1989, he changed his religion and changed his name legally.
As time goes by, records change. The same thing happened with Chic Green’s record. Tyson Gay broke Chic Green’s track record. Shihab’s wife had this to say, “Ashraf is a very humble person so he would never brag or boast about his status, nor would [he] begrudge Tyson of the title. Tyson Gay breaking his record touches the ego somewhat, but [Ashraf was] excited for him and knows Tyson had to work hard to achieve this title. Ashraf keeps up with Tyson during his career.  Truthfully speaking, it is like a mental relay race with the passing of the baton. One day Tyson will have to pass the baton to the next person.  And the legacy goes on”.
That’s the story of Chic Green (Ashraf Shihab).
Attended Lafayette from 1976-1979