AOK T-shirts for sale


Mrs. Vanessa Baker

The Front and Back of the AOK T-shirts

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer


The Acts of Kindness (AOK) club is selling tshirts. The sponsor of the AOK club is Ms. Baker. Each of the t-shirts is $10. The proceeds will help fund the annual AOK prom dress drive. The money will be spent on the supplies and materials to help host and give a wonderful prom to girls in need.

When the shirts arrive, they will be selling them before and after school in room 133. On certain days, before school, they will sell them in the cafeteria.

The shirts will have a phrase on the front that says “Kindness begins here”, which will include a picture of our school. On the back, it says “#lovegenerally” and “AOK club”. It’s a simple design and was based around the philosophy of the group and the culture they hope to foster here at Lafayette. The shirts will come in two colors-  grey and watermelon pink.