Getting Ready For Prom


Rebecca Dunlap

Prom Details

James Barnett, News Editor

To all Juniors and Seniors: prom is coming.

There are many things to do to become prepared for prom. For example, getting tickets. Lafayette has informed us that prom tickets are now being sold in the cafeteria, but they will not be sold after spring break.

Another fun thing to do before prom starts is to get prom photos with friends or go out to a fancy restaurant. Some of the best places to eat in Lexington are Saul Good, Malones, LongHorn.

“The struggle is real, from the hair, makeup, nails, jewelry, dress, shoes, it’s all very stressful,” said senior Rebecca Bishop.

Most people going to prom are looking to arrive with a stunning outfit. Prom is the time for people to be extra, enjoy the company of their friends, and have fun. A great outfit ties it all together. Many students worry themselves because of the way a dress or a tuxedo looks on them, but really you should focus on the experience of the event.

Good Luck to all of the Juniors and Seniors, and remember to stay safe!