Technical Theater Stuffed Animal Project

Zaida Bell-Frantz, Clubs Editor

The Lafayette technical theatre class recently made monsters based on drawings from a Wellington 1st-grade class. For a project, Mrs. Harris’s class drew monsters from basic shapes such as triangles, circles, ovals, squares and diamonds. Each first grader designed two monsters, the Technical Theater class here at Lafayette then took those drawings of monsters and turned them into stuffed animals.
thetre class took them to the Wellington students on the 15th of March. While the tech theatre class was working on the monsters, the first graders created a scene from the point of view of their monster which they then presented to the tech theater class.

While our students visited Mrs. Harris’s class, the first graders shared stories and the personalities they had created for their monsters.

Amie Kisling, the theatre teacher here at Lafayette, hopes to make this an annual event.