Pre-KMEA Choir Concert


Zaida Bell-Frantz

Program for the Concert

Zaida Bell-Frantz, Clubs Editor

On Monday, March 11th, 4 of Lafayette’s 6 choirs held a Pre-KMEA concert at Central Christian Church in preparation for their attendance at KMEA assessment.

Each year, Advanced Women’s, Singers, Chorale, and Madrigals attend assessment and get a score from a judge. Each choir also receives a clinic from a professional music teacher, and sight reads for a score. The scoring is as follows: distinguished, proficient, apprentice, and novice, with distinguished being the best and novice being the lowest score.

Advanced Women prepared three songs: Festival Sanctus by John Leavitt, I Will Be Earth by Qwyneth Walker, and Niska Banja by Romani Dance arranged by Nick Page, which also features soloists Violet Updike, Flannery  Rayyans, Dory McDonald, and Ally Curry.

Lafayette Singers sung three songs for their repertoire. Zion’s Walls by Aaron Copeland arranged by Glenn Koponen, Verleih uns Frieden by Felix Mendelssohn, and Domaredansen, a Swedish folk song arranged by Drew Collins.

Lafayette Chorale performed Geistliches Lied by Johannes Brahms with Emma Owens on a solo, Esto Les Digo, a Brazilian folk song arranged by Fonseca, and Muie Rendera.

Lafayette Madrigals prepared four songs. Jagdlied by Felix Mendelssohn, My Sprit Sang All Day by Gerald Finzi, Prayer by Rene Clausen, and Wipip by Sydney Guillaume.

All choirs who attended assessment brought home fabulous scores and did an outstanding job.